What are student’s concerned about in transitioning to online classes?

I recently hosted a Twitter chat with students in my social media marketing class. As we all adjust to the "new normal" of working from home and now having classes fully online, here is what they said their biggest concerns were about the transition to online learning.

Online digital resources for your classroom

As COVID-19 has sent educational institutions into online education, teachers of all levels - K-12 through university professors - are searching for interesting and engaging content to bring into the classroom. Here's a list of online resources I've compiled that you can integrate into your class on topics from art, culture, science, or technology.

Teaching B2B Buyer Journey in the Marketing Classroom

Most students can relate to a consumer purchase and can grasp the concepts of the consumer buyer journey steps without a lot of effort. What is more difficult is helping them to internalize what the B2B buying process is since most have never worked for a business. Here is a class exercise I developed to bring the B2B buyer jury to life.