Diversity & Employee Engagement

In my time leading internal communications and employee engagement at Sprinklr, my team was responsible for a number of initiatives and campaigns that sought to connect our company to our core values and diversity.

Corporate Giving

My team lead crisis response for natural disaster impacts and security events. As we launched the program we were thrilled to be able to support fundraising with COHI international for Hurricane Harvey relief, as well as other programs to support Hurricane Irma, and the California wild fires.

Our corporate giving team (dubbed “Sprinklr Cares”) also coordinated a regular program with our US office managers to schedule employee volunteer events out into the local community and amplify these efforts on our internal and external social channels.


Our team planned annual calendars of events together with our employee resource groups that could be coordinated around our global offices and for remote employees to participate in. Campaign activations were across internal communications channels such as Workplace and Slack, as well as with public engagement across Sprinklr’s social channels integrating employee advocacy to amplify our efforts.

Employee Engagement

My team also designed and executed our employee engagement and recognition program which included administering our quarterly core values awards program, milestone recognitions as well as annual volunteer abroad trip.

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