White Papers and Reports


With little to no design budget, during my tenure at Afilias we consistently created interesting content to make the .INFO domain relevant to domain, web and ad-tech trade publications. This included our annual reports that were all written and designed in house (myself or my team often doing the InDesign layouts ourselves). Moreover, they include a synopsis of the annual campaigns we ran including building a brand site for .INFO and launching a public directory, running regular user surveys, and hosting an annual .INFO awards program with expert judges recognizing interesting sites using the TLD.

The last I published in my role were:

.INFO Annual Report 2010

Technical Writing & RFPs

In collaboration with our engineering team, I wrote, edited, and published a number of technical resources and materials that contributed to community education or product marketing and sales. These include backgrouders and sell sheets. This work also includes product branding, logo design, messaging, and positioning.

I have been part of the technical writing teams responding to government or quasi-government agency requests for proposals that have been several hundred pages in volume. Some public examples include:

.ORG Application

.NET Application

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